Why Vastu nowadays does not work?

Vastu is an age old vedic system of balanced architecture to allow a balanced flow of energy, generated by Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Ether, in the closed environs of any structure.

Lets get directly to the topic, (Why Vaastu does not work nowadays)?

The common man has access to (Information BUT NOT wisdom) through books, news paper and internet, about basics of Vastu for the home or shop and starts universally applying to it. This is a major cause for Vastu application not being effective or successful.

People also live in deficient Vastu though knowing the principles and try to rectify it through colours, paintings, Pyramids, statues, crystals and what not. These are effective remedies, no doubts, but it is not RECTIFICATION, also these are at times costly, too much of remedies, just like too many medicines actually makes the body more acidic and open to complications, such remedies and their mixtures and quantity can in fact make the whole house more SICK and ILL.

Without consulting a proper knowledgeable wise Astro-Vastu consultant, just using 2-5% of Vastu information and starting to rectify it or remedial it by buying things from the internet, brings defamation to the science of Vastu and one gets ill.

This basically happens due to wanting to SAVE a few thousand of Rupees or may a lac or more, with the foolishness that Vastu is just about the sides and corners and its utility and finally the VastuVid is also going to suggest a remedy, so instead why not save on the diagnosis and straight away buy remedies?

Actually, Vaastu is a lot more than just this, Vastu structures depend on the race, profession, horoscope and other factors of human life, this only a wise and well read Astro-Vastu consultant will know. Once more than 60% of the Vastu of your house, factory, shop, office etc., is as per the standard Vastu principles, then remedies and that too the most essential 1 or 2 need to be done, not for the rest of the 40%.

The major interest for using Vastu or need for Vastu is increment in riches, that has now become the major goal, but Vastu is not for only money, Vastu is for a balanced life, to achieve wholesomeness fullness and satisfaction in every area of life. Riches can come to a person only if natural Vastu, balancing major percentage of all properties that one owns/uses has been done and time is given to it to penetrate into your body, mind, soul, thoughts through the balance of all energies in those structures. Furter, your horoscope will also have an influence on the riches you are destined to. Thirdly, is your Karma of this life, the Karma of your parents and residents of the Vastu as well.

People usually are not aware of these three influences, Naturally balanced Vastu, Horoscope and lastly Karma, to achieve wealth and happiness and all-round balanced life. Thus Vastu fails, Astrology fails.

Vastu and Astrology are never for using to achieve what one WANTS, these are for using to balance one’s environments, planetary energies and thereby balancing Karma (Past-Present-Future), resulting in better opportunities for health, wealth, happiness, success, satisfaction in life and profession.

Dr Suresh Mishra
Healing, Numerology, Geopathic, Signature & Spiritual Expert